Summer School

Online Summer Courses for Credit Recovery

We understand what it’s like to have to do a course over. Having to make up course credits doesn’t have to ruin your summer.

Study Where You Want

Taking your make-up course online with us is a whole lot better than sitting in a regular summer school classroom at 8 a.m.

Study When You Want

Our program’s flexibility makes it easier. You can still work, play and even take a vacation.

Get the Support You Need

Our teachers patiently guide and encourage students to complete the credits they need.

Get Results

With Middleton Academy, nine out of every 10 students complete their courses and get back on track. That’s 90% of students who earned the necessary course credits to catch up with the rest of their class or graduate on time. We have the experience in delivering online education. For five years, Middleton Academy offered an online summer school credit recovery program to over 1,500 high school age dependents of US. Army personnel living in 13 countries.*

See Term Dates

* England, Germany, Spain , Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Guam, Cuba, USA, and other locations