About Middleton Academy

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to equip students with the tools needed to achieve academic success. Our goal is to help students learn today, graduate tomorrow, and prepare for the future. We help students achieve!

Vision Statement:

Using a rich curriculum, dedicated teachers and innovative technology as our foundation, Middleton Academy will offer all students a chance to succeed, improve grades, and earn their high school diploma in a nontraditional virtual learning environment.

Our Core Principles:

  • Middleton Academy shall only use highly qualified, trained and skilled teachers to deliver instruction in the virtual classroom.
  • Differentiated instruction and individual attention is provided to every student regardless of socio-economic background, race, ability, or geographic region.
  • Students at Middleton Academy shall engage in higher order thinking in every course. They shall have the option to take career and life skills courses.
  • Parents are offered the support and opportunity to actively participate in their child’s education. Community relations and involvement at Middleton Academy shall engage and support the entire Middleton family by enhancing communications, creating unity, and fostering a sense of partnership.

Our Objectives Are:

  • To provide a virtual classroom that will challenge every student to think, problem-solve and collaborate with their peers. Students shall understand that they are accountable for their own academic, social and personal growth toward becoming productive citizens.
  • To recognize and accept students as individuals and to provide them with a challenging educational environment that will assist them in developing to their fullest potential.
  • To offer an educational program through which students can develop academic competency in the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, mathematics, science, social studies, and electives to include fine arts.
  • To evaluate the total school program continuously and make changes to ensure adherence to a changing society and the changing needs of students.

Middleton Academy teachers and school staff believe that all students can achieve success in a positive, challenging educational environment that stimulates their interests, channels their energies, and develops their abilities. We are committed to providing an online learning environment for students that incorporates these educational services and fosters students’ participation in their learning.

About Middleton Academy

Middleton Academy is an accredited high school diploma program operated by Catapult Learning, Inc. Middleton Academy received its initial accreditation in 1994 through the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (Formerly DETC) and has maintained its accreditation status on a five-year cycle of re-accreditation review.

Middleton Academy also holds regional accreditation status for our diploma program through AdvancED/SACS CASI. Middleton Academy received initial accreditation from SACS/CASI in 2006 and has maintained the accreditation status through the re-accreditation process every five years.

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Who are Middleton Academy Students?

Middleton Academy students may want to earn a high school diploma or they may simply want to take a few classes in our online program. Our non-traditional program and student-centered approach to education makes Middleton Academy a good fit for students who have experienced difficulty in school or for students who need a different environment and approach to education. Upon completion of high school, our students enter post-secondary schools, the military or the workforce.
Middleton Academy has a rich history of helping students at risk, and other students who may not respond to the traditional classroom instruction. Upon entering our virtual program, students immediately notice the genuine attention our teachers offer for their success. In addition to the support our staff provides, we clearly identify goals and expectations for individual success. Our intent is to remove any barriers to learning and to support every student to achieve a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA.

Teaching Staff

Middleton Academy employs and retain highly qualified teachers, just as we do in our traditional brick and mortar classrooms. Our teachers already come to Middleton Academy with the skills and academic background to teach. We support the teachers’ continued growth with high quality staff development and training relevant to today’s virtual classroom. Our virtual teachers communicate and collaborate with students via email, telephone, and discussion boards. In each course, our small student to teacher ratios ensures that every student has ongoing interaction with their peers and the teaching staff.

Middleton Academy staff members are student centered and dedicated to helping students achieve. Our virtual classroom and teachers provide differentiated instruction to every student and we help students foster a sense of self-worth, and the belief that a better life is enabled through education.

Over the past five years, Middleton Academy has enrolled over 1800 students.